Slim Pro @ 48 Hour STL


Perhaps lucky number 8 will be our magic year.  This year we got Musical or Western as the genre randomly choosen for us at Slim Productions.  Our team is competing in the 48 Hour Film Project in St. Louis.  We like to invite everyone out to see the screening of our film "Giggles" plus all the other great filmmakers films.

We are part of screening group A.

Here's some more information:

St. Louis 48HFP Events

Premiere Screenings

Date   June 5-7, 2012.
Time   7pm & 9pm
Place   Tivoli Theatre6350 Delmar Boulevard
Tickets   (purchase them here)
Notes   See the list of teams and screening times to the right before purchasing tickets.

Best Of Screening

Date   June 14, 2012
Time   7pm
Place   Tivoli Theatre6350 Delmar Boulevard
Tickets   $9 (purchase them here)

Screening Groups

Group A
Screening on Tuesday, June 5, 7pm

A is for Amateur, Jason Beaumont 
Bubble-Wrapped Fish Productions, Sam Lin 
Bug-Juice Productions, Stephen Province 
Imaginary Banana Productions, David Whatley 
Karnov Family, Peter Christianson 
Killer Brew Productions, Casey Hartig 
NaN studios, John Reskusich 
Pixel Pear, Eric Mittan 
Simpson Productions, Jeff Simpson 
Slim Productions, Braden Henze 
The Super Movie Bros., Tim Gowan 
Weemaboyeah, Dustin French

Fo now you can check out the behind the scenes video below.


Anna's Amulet


7 Years Running

Slim Productions competed and completed their 7th 48 Hour Film Project.  This year the skys were the limit with the genre Super Hero movie.  Our latest film Anna's Amulet will premiere tomorrow at the Tivoli theater in St. Louis.  More details below

Date: June 7-9
Time: 7pm & 9pm
Place: The Tivoli Theatre, 6350 Delmar Boulevard Saint Louis, MO 63130
Tickets: $9

Tickets can be purchased here.

Group D
Screening on Wednesday, June 8th, 9pm

Ash and Ground Films, Dan / Ben DePina / Vogelsang
Corner Film Productions, Alan Lamberg
Dudes Productions, Mark Sundt
Karnov Family, Peter Christianson
Mime On Fire, Jim Buchanan
Pit Stain Productions, Randy Shinn
River City Films, Tony Coleman
Slim Productions, Braden Henze
Super Movie Bros., Tim Gowan
Tomahawk, Joshua Friedrich
You're The Man, Frotto, Cory Byers
Treehouse Treehouse, Matthew Sawicki